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Urban Survival Basics

There is no doubt most of what is written or discussed in the realm of survival has to deal with survival in the wilderness. We should consider however, that most of us, like it or not, go through our day to day in an urban environment. Going to work, the gym, shopping and just about everything else we do we are interacting with others and man-made structures/environments. So, reason would follow we prepare ourselves to survive in these environments as well as wilderness. Our main goal and objective may be to get out of the man-made environments and other people to improve our long term chances of survival. However, let’s make this post about some of our urban needs and how to address them.

As I mentioned there may be an overabundance of resource assuming the student will be in a wilderness survival situation. There is no doubt these resources have a great value and there are many advantages of wild survival. Most of these advantages center around not having to be around people and worry about how they will or will not react. Another benefit to wilderness survival is the natural resources you may have at your disposal. Mother Nature has found a way to put life in almost every corner of our planet and while survival in all these environments may not be a walk in the park, survival can be possible.

Thinking about this another way, urban survival often offers the exact opposite. As man-made environments rely on power and infrastructure to function properly. We remove most if not all of natural resources and we are surrounded by unreliable and erratic people. I’m not saying all people are bad and will want to hurt you, but is that something you really want to have in the back of your head? Not knowing what they would do in any given situation? Also taking into account the limited resources that are available will be in short supply and all those people will be fighting to get their hands on the same things. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me and something I would want to be ready for.

Nevertheless, urban survival is where we will most likely find ourselves with it first hits the fan. The ability to trap small animals in snares or building a make shift shelter in the woods may not be as important as some other skills needed in an urban environment; especially if we’re trying to survive a societal collapse (financial, power grid or other major infrastructural collapse).

I’m sure if you think about some survival skills (purifying water and fire making) that are universal. There are any number of skills which are paramount for the urban survival situation. For many of those skills affect how we deal with the others we come in contact with. Protecting ourselves and our families from them may be one of the biggest decisions we would have to made. Of course there are going to be some that apply more directly to a financial or infrastructure collapse. Those skills may or may not translate will between natural disasters.

Instead of trying to cover universal survival skills let’s look at some that are specific to surviving and possibly thriving in an urban survival scenario.

  • Self-defense– Other people will be the most dangerous encounters when it hits the fan. In any catastrophic scenario, you can be sure that they will be out in great numbers; especially when you consider they will not have made the needed preparations to be able to be self-sufficient. They most likely will not be able to find food for their families, people will become irrational and desperate they will turn into predators to survive. Just ask yourself how far you would go to save yourself or your loved ones.
  • Bartering – Most people will not have stocked supplies for an emergency, likely everyone will have something. The knowledge to barter, ensuring you can get a good deal for your goods is an indispensable skill; Also consider the people you will be bartering with may not be in the best frame of mind to be making clear rational decisions.
  • Gardening – Food is one of the items that may always be in short supply in a crisis situation. The ability to grow at least some of your own food will help you tend to the needs of your family. A vegetable garden can be started almost anywhere. This can be useful even in the confined spaces of modern apartments in larger metropolitan cities. Don’t forget about the balcony space on the apartment, a technique called vertical gardening can be implemented here.
  • Adapting – All crisis scenarios require doing things that we are not used to doing. Being adaptable facilitates the adjustment to make those changes comfortably. Consider an important area of change in a financial collapse is the ability to find less expensive ways of doing things, make your money go farther and stretch you budget.
  • Teaching/learning– No matter what type of crisis hits, children still need to be educated. Local schools might not be a good option or an option at all. They might close down or be too dangerous for your children. In either case, you will have to home school immediately. your success in teaching your children will make a significant difference in their future.
  • Basic medical – Medical services are always some of the first to be inundated with people in a crisis scenario. In times like this, getting basic services can be near impossible. Proper first aid, and knowledge of how to treat common ailments can save your family a lot of heartache and can save someone’s life. First aid skills could be a valuable bartering tool and in a mob encounter can be seen as valuable to the group and may wind up saving your loved ones through using your skill to assist the group for a short time unit escape is possible.
  • Equipment repair – In our modern society we are accustomed to throwing things away and buying another rather than repairing and re-using them. Consider new items may not be available; and even they are, you may not have the resources to acquire them. Being mechanically minded and practice can be a bartering tool and also save valuable resources. In the right scenario equipment repair can be a marketable skill, similar to first aid and medical.
  • Home repair– Almost all acts of god and catastrophes can damage your home. Home repair may make it possible for your family to utilize shelter for longer periods of time or even make shelters usable that others have passed over. Think of this is another marketable skill when you are unable to perform your normal job.

Remember and take special note, the more skills you have, you increase your possibility you have of surviving. Additional marketable skills can utilize in a financial crisis or in an end or the world situation. You can be a valuable member of a community or improve your situation on your own. Society as we know it may cease to function and the need for basic knowledge will increase. The more you educate yourself and your family the better your situation can be.


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