A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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January 18, 2017
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February 6, 2017
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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

We would like to thank our guest editor (Champal1) for this article. Along with the educational background to qualify him for authoritative input Champal1 lives and works as an outsider within the culture he discusses here. We don’t typically post political articles, not because politics are not exceedingly important to our democracy, but because we are not subject matter experts.



I like to think that I’m prepared for the worst but who really knows until the SHTF. Among the myriad of ways to prepare I would put physical and mental conditioning at the top of any list. That being said, for far too long I underestimated the importance of mental preparation. To such an extent that I grossly underestimated the mental and physical preparation of people who are diametrically opposed to the constitution of the United States.

This fantasy came to an abrupt end on the 26th of June 2016. As reported in the Sacramento Bee (http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article86099332.html) white supremacist and left-wing anarchists engaged in a knife fight at the California state capitol building. Together they constitute the poster children of right- and left-wing extremist groups (think of Anarchists as the shock troops of the Progressives) battled it out in front of the capital building in California. The fascinating thing about this article is that both groups came prepared to fight, fought, with the Anarchists coming out on top.  These two supremely un-constitutional groups are mentally prepared to give battle and the state is willing to do very little to stop it.

Interesting points of note are the numbers involved, “more than 150 anarchists and “anti-fascist” protesters and roughly 25 Neo-Nazis”. The Progressives outnumbered the Neo-Nazis by a ratio of 5 to 1. I want to make this clear that the name/handle/nickname is the only differentiator between these groups; their end goal is the same tyranny with the end of our constitutional republic. If you are a student of history you will notice this is not the first time the two headed Progressive beast has fought (Nazis and Soviets early to mid 20th century). Let’s focus on the Progressives as they are the group that gathers both sympathy and derision from the majority of the American public.

Sympathy- they are portrayed as cute little freedom fighters by the main stream media, who tell us they are just a bunch of idealist kids trying to make the world a better place, i.e. figuratively and literally fighting for social justice; this is a fallacy. Not that they are not prepared to do their worst, but there is nothing cute and/or innocent about their movement. Derision- Conservative minded people owing to the groups’ radical ideas and juvenile behavior intertwined with the willingness to kill, and cloaked in the lies of the media. Many would see them as unprepared and soft; this is false and, to my point, lured me into a sense of the same for far too long. Progressives i.e. the forces of tyranny are willing and able to fight for their cause (WTO riots in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR and the recent riots in Washington D.C. before and during the inauguration of our new president).

With the dramatic and surprising, to some, election of President Trump the buildup of rage and the honing of their fighting capabilities is increasing exponentially. They see their rival as taking control of power at the federal level and they can’t abide a rival with control, regardless of what they might spout about open-mindedness and unity.  It is my belief that sooner rather than later they will achieve a level of confidence as to act on their dissatisfaction, bathed in pride from the media; with riots and fighting they are confident in winning.

Our system is strained and close to the breaking point. Trust in the media and journalism in general at historic lows people do not know where to turn and who to believe. It has created a climate in our country that one does not have to stretch the imagination to understand how people on either side of the isle are willing to suspend reality in favor of what their party tells them and substitute it for the truth.

In closing- Progressive shock troops are armed and ready for a fight and on June 26, 2016 they showed they can go toe to toe with a rival and both psychologically and numerically beat them. Do not be fooled by their sheep’s skin because underneath they are ravening wolves.




It is not too late to prepare for what could become a very nasty future. You will never regret being prepared, but you will regret not doing so. Strengthen your body, fortify your mind and protect what you hold most dear in this world.

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