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Your Home Your Castle

It goes without saying the best prep is the one you will never have to use. You can be prepared and vigilant to protect yourself from an unpleasant experience where a defense technique would be needed or required. One of the best places to start is to ensure your home is your safe haven for not only yourself, but for those you care about. The tools and applications you use to keep your home a safe area should function equally well whether you are at home or not. Make no mistake, home invasion is a real threat. By taking appropriate measures you can make your home a deterrent to attempts by would be invaders.

Also, remember a determined intruder, given time and the proper motivation will enter your home uninvited. It is not enough to simply prepare for the attempt, but also the reality of an intruder in your home. We can discuss this at another time. Fortifying your home against intruders is an excellent idea and should not be overlooked. I am stating this preparation should not be the end all be all for home safety.

– Use a deadbolt lock. A quality deadbolt can help keep home invaders from gaining access through a locked door. Deadbolts are more effective when installed on a solid core door.

– Install motion-sensor lights near points of potential access. Be sure to purchase a system that operates equally well in light extremes.

– Install a camera at the front door. While door peepholes serve a purpose in hotels or small areas, a security camera is better suited for home use. Make sure you purchase a camera or camera system that is expandable. As you increase the number of cameras around your home you improve your chances of seeing and capturing what is going on.

Implement an alarm system. Consider a system that has professional monitoring with a variety of service options. Make sure you do your research before you commit. Security providers often carry contracts for a year or more at a time.

Think about a protection dog. They work both as an alarm and a deterrent the added benefit is the companionship they provide. If you are serious about utilizing a dog, there are companies one can purchase professionally trained protection dogs. Please note professionally trained dogs are often not meant to be around small children and families. They are trained for a specific purpose and should be considered mostly off limits to all but their handler.

Bar your sliding doors. Sliding patio doors are considered primary points of entry for invaders. They can easily be broken and opened. Think about using a security bar. With the security bar you keep the door from being forced open. Security bars can also be used on standard swinging hinge doors as well.

–  Install kick plates to doors. When used in combination with a quality lock and a deadbolt a doorframe will be more difficult to overcome. However, it can give way if kicked hard enough. Kick plates and frame reinforcements are capable of stopping the most serious attempts to break the door frame and gain entry into your home.

A safe room? The most lofty goal would be to draw in a safe room during construction of your home. If that is no longer possible, or just not an option, consider aftermarket solutions. You can find plans or turn key solutions depending on where you are financially and overall physical capability. You might even be in a position to retrofit a panic room into an existing outbuilding, basement, storm cellar…. If this is not possible,  choose a solid room that will be your Alamo and safe haven in the event.

– More lights. A tired and tested technique that holds true today is to leave a light on in the house. Lights can serve multiple purposes. The first is to show someone is still awake and alert inside the home. The second is if someone does get inside, you have  some light to see them and react accordingly. Third, being under bright lights in darkness makes people feel exposed. The more exposed they feel the less likely they will be to try anything foolish.

Proper upkeep of your shrubbery. Keep bushes and other plants trimmed to eliminate possible concealment for would-be intruders and assailants. You can escalate your natural defenses by adding thorny features to your landscape. Thorns are excellent deterrents for wanting to spend any time at all concealed in the plant.

As always, this is not an end all be all list of preparations to keep yourself/your family safe. However, every step we can take to tip the scales in our favor is something worthy of consideration.


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